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Companies pull their trades from YouTube

A few days after your YouTube creator stops the platform to allow for a while; basic softwares, a number of promotional companies on the stage, including Nestle, Epic and, in particular, Disney and McDonalds.

Nestle told CNBC that every company in the US had advertise on YouTube, and an Epic spokeswoman who created Fortney's great game said that his company had stopped all trade . Other companies that support YouTube's current temporary hanging are Purina, GNC, Fairlife, Canada Goose and Vitacost. Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal report that Walt Disney and McDonald's have also pulled out the advertisement. Other advertisers, including Peloton and Gràmar, said they were encouraging YouTube to solve the problem.

The latest film on updating content on YouTube began on Sunday when the content creator Matt Watson published a video and detailed Reddit post that explains how ; pedophiles can add YouTube transcription algorithms to re-orientate "bikini" videos to grow up to make use of children's photos, and # 39; Most of the girls under 13 who use athletics, yoga, ice cream and so on. Those non-controversial videos were inappropriate comments, including those with time tags taken by children in related situations.

The YouTube spokesman commented on TechCrunch saying: "Any content – which includes ideas – which affects young people, is unhappy and has clear rules that are banned on YouTube. We acted to strive to delete orders and channels, reporting illegal actions to responsible authorities and stopping tons of millions of videos that give them In young people, there is still much to be done, and we will continue to work on the development and destruction of faster abuse. The platform gave a description of its & # 39; also made a case for the National Center for Children who were required and used and provided further steps against the use of children, and including the recruitment of several experts.

However, the Watson report emphasizes that YouTube is still a fighting content that breaks up the policies of a platform, even after a series of reports that have been produced two years ago which created the "adpocalpyse" creatures. Trying to harass promoters, YouTube has given more control over the choice of videos where they have their ads; reflect and produce a deeper policy for creators. However, many YouTube users have complained that policies are not implemented independently with some publicity, and significantly reduce revenue, Give them some opportunities to solve problems or complain about stage decisions, even if there is still an unaccountable content in the platform.


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