Cope-European Post-Prizes: Are we putting up? VIDEO


Statistics say that more than a million singers go to GPs ten or more times a year, and that is why we are post-winners in Europe, and only Danes are ahead of us. Are we very ill or are we just hypochondriacs?

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Photo: everyposs /

Photo: everyposs /

Maja Nesovic, journalist Politika, and health editor of Danijela Davidov Kesar, socialist Bruno Simleš and psychotherapist Zoran Milivojević, talked about this issue in "Morning".

Dr Nesovic says that it is often the case that infected patients come in because they are very bad.

"It's about the seasons, it happens in the spring when there's a nature waiting. It needs more energy to survive and then several features come in. As of Often we come from women who beat their hearts, feel bad, malaksale, fall into the tram … ", the doctor explains.

But she still says that he is not a hypochondria. Hipohondria is a mental problem that covers three to five per cent of the population, he said.

How the Doctor Is t Nesovic says, hypochondriacs are the sort of people very happy when they leave the clinic, and after half a day, they are again.

If you have identified yourself in this description, listen to the video materials below, what other experts are saying about this topic.

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