Djilas asked Vucic to get more people to enjoy Russia in Serbia, and then Jeremic A & # 39; SELL IN SMEH! (VIDEO)


02/09/2019. 23:41

The challenging leaders will never get ridiculed.

Vuk Jeremic, Dragan Djilas, Picture: Screenplay

Dragan Djilas and Vuk Jeremic, two leaders of the League for Serbia and those who are not nervous to defend their own country at all stages, this time they went to a longer extent.

Yes, it was a & # 39; Stay in Brussels, Djilas sent Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to protest the West face and increase Russia in Serbia.

Without at least what we got to understand, because Djilas spoke in English "Tarzan", even though he did not; He can marry Jeremic stopping from laughing!

See how it looked like:

On the other hand, the SZS leaders in Brussels met the biggest hatred from Republika Srpska Jasenkom Selimović.

After meeting him, where everything has been cited and opposed to his case with his / her address; President Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, Prime Minister Anna Brnabic and the active power of Serbia, Jeremic interviewed Dnevni Avaz. He spoke strongly about the Serbia president, and talked about the vital national interests in our country to the worst of any conscience. Read more about it THIS MARGINSouth Westerly

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