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Facebook is experiencing difficulty due to changes in server changes

Facebook and Instagram have been working hard for a lot of the day on Wednesday, and now we know why. According to Facebook The disruption is due to a change to the server's configuration. The giant of social networking said that the problem has been solved since then and that all his materials and services are available again. "We are very sorry for our inconvenience and are sensitive to our customers' patience."They told the company from the company.

Work ceased, struck by the main Facebook service, as well as those services owned by Instagram and WhatsApp, It lasted nearly 14 hours, follow CNN. DownDetector, a site that allows users to report when the service is not working, gets other requests for applications starting at 12:01 on the east coast of the United States. The site has miles of reports related to problems every hour from users around the world, reaching 12,000 entries at around 21h local time.

Facebook was always talking about the case on Wednesday afternoon, including in the tv that some users currently have difficulty accessing your Facebook application family. "The recognition has been recognized at local time 13:49, and it would be 11 hours until the matter was resolved. At 12:41 at local level on Thursday morning Instagram confirmed that it was online again through Twitter.

While Facebook has a phenomena, this is an important example in recent months. As early as November, the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp company encountered a similar problem for some users. That jam was the "customary test" result according to the company.

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