Farewell to Ford C-MAX: End of June performance

The European car industry will remain unparalleled this year.

Ford officially confirmed it will produce the results of C-MAX and its extended versions of the Grand C-MAX in Saripia, Germany at the end of June.

As a factory factory, the production loop happens in parallel with the planned life of this generation of these two cars, and adds to the continuation of the new Ford Focus in the same driving place, with the accent. T to edit the wagon, Active and ST.

One of the effects of the completion of two small decisions is the elimination of tree change at Sarouis, and as such the factory will continue to operate in two shifts.

The C-MAX / Grand C-MAX is scrapped as part of a plan aimed at re-organizing Ford operations in Europe, which was announced in January, to continue their profitable business on the Old Division.

Ford informed staff about making two cars in December 2018, and one of the reasons for falling behind is declining in Europe's consumer interest. This vehicle was taken.

For now, not how many people in this plant will work, but the company more recently leaving around 5,000 workers at the factories in Cologne and Sarlouis.

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