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Future of the future: A control panel of 21 will monitor PHOTO

Kia Motors Europe has shown new designs of the new concept of full electric vehicles, which will be delivered at the Car Cèis Exhibition Room.

Picture: Kia

Picture: Kia

"In the design of a car, it is about its heart, which needs to accelerate. We think there is no reason that Have bubble just because it is an electric car"said Gregory Gio, Deputy Head of Planning in Kia Motors Europe, "That's why the concept of a high-speed carriage is designed to accelerate your knob, while at the same time it demonstrates a coherent and emotional way to improve."

This approach, which emphasizes people, agrees completely with the Kia approach to self-propelled design, while working to Gijome.

"When talking about their electric cars, many car makers will be able to talk about their electric cars; Encourage the messages that are scattered to empire, as they do with the engines inside them, for example, the range, fuel use and engine performance ", says the design director in Kia.

"Kia is proud of his surprise power, and we wanted to move away from the rhetoric and focus on emotional and offer a warmer and more human way of empowerment. After that, It's the current energy that is all at all. The use of this capability has taken us from one innovation to another"said Gio.

Picture: Kia

Picture: Kia

This concept, which is the visual image of Kia has made progress to an exciting world of electric heating, and the first Kia to be a fully-equipped four-door.

The concept, which can be disposed of in one of the car parts, incorporating the elements of a fun sporting field, the handsome and fun family limousine and the multi-complex and large crossover.

Kia's special shape processing, similar to a tiger nose, is a & # 39; Explain the clarity of its tiger bog and its # 39; circulation of light. This creates a recognized vision that we can say is the date of the 21st century.

One-piece glass, which will be used both on the greenhouse and on the # 39; roof, protects itself from the A tree over the cabinet, because it is wide-ranging, and is broken by a double loop behind passenger passengers. The concept of narrow urine and surface glasses and dynamine profiles attracts the flow.

Picture: Kia

Picture: Kia

Gija and his team have the use of the architecture of Asia as a whole, which allows the largest room in the & # 39; cottage, despite the electric driver.

In a humorous response to the current obsession with the equipment industry with larger screen displays that are more and more. Increasingly, the concept gives about 21 detailed studies. The pensions are co-financed at the top of their handheld, so they are. look normal and regular.

"I believe that the unusual way of empowering our general stick", kae Gijom, "This gives us an opportunity to think about a future where responding and dynamics can be; car, such as this conception, is an integral part of our transport objectives. And his message is clear – now the right time is to save the mat, stop trying to & # 39; drive! "

Kia will start her new concept on March 5, 2019, when her first day of reclamation of this year's Salon is in the corner.

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