Government: Agreement to end strike in Post of Serbia – Economy

The agreement on the completion of the workers' strike in Serbia was reached today following speeches by the Deputy First Minister and Minister within Nebojsa Stefanovic with public office staff, 39; the government.

The workers accepted all the recommendations made by the Government vice-president and agreed on the continuation of the strike and set up a normal work process, and everyone was promised promises to their strike. T the strike had not adversely affected the strike and the punishment procedures that had started its leadership in Serbia, the company said in its statement. t

According to the news on the Serbia Government website, the agreement states that the second phase of the profits will be for 2017, and until April 24, the first part of the profit would be released for 2018, and within t arrangements are set for seven days.

In addition to representatives of the representative unions, directors and founders, representatives of the staff involved in this meeting will be involved in the compromise working group, and should work on altering the arrangements for those involved. Article 42 of the Agreement for spreading the profit from 2018 in a linear fashion.

As stated in the publication, all agreed amendments should be effected within 10 days of the establishment of a working group which should be submitting the Related Agreement. T with a legal basis for regular payment of compensation to vulnerable staff, up to 20,000 dinars.

He has also stated that basic pay coordination, with technological applications more valuable, should be analyzed and the justification for individual jobs, such as a high number of councilors, should be reconsidered. centers and other regulatory functions.

“The deadline for the inquiry and report to the Serbian Government in November 2019, and subsequently, the Government would take steps to increase the 2020 wage, with reforming the co-operation. T a wages order, "said the statement.

The agreement is also expected to pay the second phase of the 2018 profits in September, with the funding to be paid for basic salary increases and to encourage performance away from administrative functions technologically. T , as well as scarce jobs.

It was agreed that the management of the company in the labor market "is for technical reasons", that is, he will not get staff in office matters, said the statement, that the meeting was with Minister Stefanovic " in the right environment ".


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