He spent 20 years in prison for "rubbing".

The swatting is what is called one of the worst practices “whistle-makers” need to harass the internet streakers who live online on video games.

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Pictures / Printscreen / YouTube

Pictures / Printscreen / YouTube

The devil took a joke in 2017 when one person who was killed was killed by the police.

Tyler Beris was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for this false call, as the police killed an innocent player, while the police were withdrawn with prompt punishment.

This happened after Beris, after talking to a fellow player in a game called Call of Duty, called on the police with a charge that the player killed his father and threatened to kill all his family. He apologized for the address he had given to the owner of the debate, but he was the address of the third person, Andrew Finch. Play.

We know that US police can be easily motivated and so she responded when she came to a confrontation.

Responsibility for this event, as well as making other barriers to bombing and similar circumstances, will require a speedy response by authorities, spending a great deal of time in prison, due to bad behavior. punishment sent by the court in the United States.

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