I did not even look at what I put in

As the Bogosavac stayed in the Chuki: it did not; I looked at what I put in

Miroslav Bogosavac and Zoran Tosic

There was talk about safe from Banco Brdo, and possibly even for 1,000,000 barley, however, at the end, Miroslav Bogosavac in Čukaričko.

And not only did he stay, but eight days ago he issued black-haired religion until June 2021.
"Verily, I do not even know what I put in, I did not read even, I just had a "scratch". I have a strong confidence in the people who have a great deal. run this club. I was ready for any possible failure. I already said this when we went into the plane for Cyprus, I was preparing all the time as if I was going to live in Cukaricki, came to an end", The left left back in the statement for the site of its club.

In addition, new contracts were created in the middle of February with Čuk as well Boris Kopitović i Darko PuškarićSouth-West The three are very important to the team at Simon Krunic, which is the second round spring that welcomes the Vozdovac town partners.
"Every game against Vozdovac is of a high quality, there is always something to do with the listeners. I'm sure it's the same time this time. Rival has got a lot stronger, we are aware that We are watching a difficult game. It was against Napretka that the Dragons were in shape, but the band was playing on the "artificial ground" on Roof ".

In the opening game during the spring of the war, Cukaricki sank in Ness (0: 2), and on game Kopitović he hung (red card from the last two in the autumn), in the meantime getting back from the cold Stefan Šapić i Slobodan Tedićhe is Krunić able to collect the best team for the duelle on Sunday's schedule at 13:00.
"Vozdovac gave quality assurance. There is a mixture of young and experienced players, in the real sense of the word, team for all respect. Our goal is clear, to return to the successful route. We went to a number of more well-known, first-known, Bojic players, and the most beneficial; that we will live together in the majority. We have a large number of young players. It's a odd thing that I am one of the first team players with the biggest games for her & club, but the youngest players include everything they say to them, he stressed him Miroslav BogosavacSouth Westerly

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