I GUIDE THE EVIDENCE TO REMOVE A & # 39; HELP! Milivojevic does not close the door to Serbia!

Milivojevic demonstrated this opportunity for the Greek media.

– – We see what's going on to happen. I have said earlier, I stand behind all the words that I have said, to this day, I will stand on for her & # 39; Rest of my life, because that's true. It's hard (something about returning to the "A" team has changed, but I have some discussions on that topic, so we can see – Find Milivojević for the Greek media.

At the end of August, Milivojevic threw fire into the English media, telling them what happened behind the scenes of this year's World Cup in Russia, which led to a revival of friendship with its & # 39; coach, Mladen Krstajic, and so captain Kristal Palasa said he would not play for the national team so that the leader of the skilled staff would be.

Serbia had no Milivojevic started on the League of Nations startout and was ranked higher, and whether the 2016 year Luka return among the "eagles" eagles could be seen.

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