I WANT TO MAKE ANYTHING TO UNDERSTAND THE NÀS OF THE NIGHT ON 7 THANKS OF THE TIME: A secret life story with a new partner of Paroe on every tears on his eyes! | Stars

A new champion of Parova, Jelena Savičić, opened a million researchers and told him a sad story, his life.

The rival, due to her many difficulties with her father, ran away from home and was married at the age of 18. After relatives with her first person had gone down, Jelena agreed to divide and marry another, but problems did not end there.

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"In the seventh month to be heavy, he told me that he was taking drugs, he gave heroin." When my daughter was 2 months old, I came to an end in the Safe House, under the influence of her. disease, she lost control, "said Jelena,

Savicic could not keep his story, and let her leave the show. That is, he left the Security House voluntarily so that he would not disturb other problems to the previous one, and he says he still wants to be a love. The competitor lived with a 2 month child in a bungalow without electricity and water.

The sad life of the story was based on the participants in the "Couples", and Nikola Lakić and Coka deo did not mention what they heard.

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