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If you want to live in LIFE MORE, ask yourself these questions

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What is the ambition of a long, happy and successful life, the question, which is at any stage living in any time from time to time, and the richest person has a recipe. world – Jeff Bezos, Amazon's head.

“When you are 80 and in a quiet time of your own, you pass through the most beautiful version of your life story, it will form part of a series of your life choices and the decisions t , "said Bezos, and CNBC reports.

In other words, whatever your success, you will not be concerned about the number of nil in the census, but the conclusions you give are where it is. think Bezos.

Photo: Profimedia

The main decision which enabled Bezos to be “zero” was to create an online bookshop that could later become a global company like Amazon.

"It was a tough decision, but at the end I agreed that I had to make an effort. I didn't think I would have regretted what I had been and that I found t and it seemed like me if I never did, that decision could persuade me for the rest of my life Bezos.

Here's what you should ask, at the end, to tell you the best version of your life story: t

1. How do you use your talents?

2. What conclusions do you make?

3. Will your guidance be in life of depression, or will you follow your passion?

4. Have you followed the dogma or will you be original?

5. Do you choose a light life or that whole journey?

6. Do you complain or follow your beliefs?

7. Do you pull out any mistakes made or make an apology?

8. Will you keep your heart from refusing, or doing yourself, when you fall in love, act?

9. Do you play safely or are you a little adventure?

10. When it becomes difficult, can you stop or stop?

11. Will you be an ability or creator?

12. Will you be a wise man at the heart of other people or will you be careful?

While these questions will not provide a safe recipe for enjoyment, CNBC writes, they can come to decisions that help us to make life we ​​are proud of.

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