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Ivan Ivanovic moved to NOVA S television

A famous television broadcaster stops working for the first television Ivan Ivanovic, who starts in & # 39; April for the new television, currently known as the "Top Channel", is the problem that this system is not honest or unsuitable, but that "we must continue".

"Night with Ivan Ivanovic" from April again to the front of a television observertogether with "Week of the Week" will be Oil Bećković and "Lifting Mental", which will be led by Darko Mitrović and Veljko Pajović, a newspaper newspaper Danas in a magazine; tomorrow.

"Our goal is to fight for freedom of thought and speech," said Ivanovic, saying that the state is controlled by all but just a few cable sailings, and from daily newspapers Danas and a number of ports as a cause spokesman in uninhabited media.

"We have no ambition to fight someone, but as professionals we are doing our work honestly and honestly, and above all true, "said Ivanovic.

Darko Mitrovic, one of the "Mind Use" authors, has announced that Nova S is developing through media darkness and that its program will be a small output on the Serbia television show, which will provide The word that is required is free.

Nova S is part of the United Media, which also operates N1 television.

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