James 40+ Harden! Cobi Bryant launches controversy: This is how to get the title

James 40+ Harden! Cobi Bryant launches controversy: This is how to get the title

He would think of someone; jumping a ball, it was not for anyone, but Houston's hardship of Houston had just been injured James Harden to bring things into your hands. And he must admit: his heroic career. Contracts He held lessons on the NBA league and gave 44 points to Roxette for a 118: 110 piping when he visited Phoenix!

It was 20. Hardenova This season's game in which he put 40 magic magic head on. In the first 50 matches of the season, they just did it Вилт Чемберлен, Майкл Джордан i Rick BarrySouth Westerly Contracts They also got 30 pounds or more in the 27th game, which is the third longest in the history of the NBA. He had eight reactions and six help, so Phoenix did not have the chance to avoid the 11th defeat after that.

However, there are some who do not think it's Contracts With such a game, Houston should not think of a soldier's hero in the NBA league. These include Kobe Bryant, who also launched a controversy. And he needed to know, because his Lakers LA was in some seasons that looked like Hardenov Houston, anyway on what it is Brian This is a & # 39; Jezeraš's first and almost all-attack options. When it was, others won the rings.
"With this style he can not stand up to the title. At the same time, you have to keep the team leader over the water to get games and do it. But with this style, it will not take the title when one player that affects its & # 39; a member"The song said amazingly I-Es-Pi-InSouth Westerly

It's not a criticism Hardena, there is more poisonous arrow that appears to the rest of the team. And maybe it's now different. Kris Pol back from bad, he got 18 points in Arizona.
"Now that Chris Paul has come back, there are more movements in the attack, more shifts to positions where tirelessness tends to find you", Recommendation Brian some help from the side.

But Houston also played against Finiks without two startups (Clint Chapel i Eric Gordon), well Contracts he had little choice.
"I have to do this for the wound. But now Paul has to return to the rhythm, when he returns and Erik and the team are completely complete, we have more players who can bring the ball into the hands them. For now, however, it is (Kobi Bryant, prim.aut) is precisely correct. This time we will not get where we want to get. But to be understood, this season we did not play in the whole team and I look forward to", Answering ContractsSouth Westerly

When we are already with the top players, Milwaukee's worth announcing Janisa Adetokunba, which has 30 poebs, 15 concepts and nine Bakes help to & # 39; 113: 94 against Brooklyn Nets. It was also helpful that the Decadent Brooklyn wounds dropped 19 of the first centers for three points. At the end of the game Netsa statistics are very disastrous: five triples from 42 turns, or 11.9 per cent of performance (Shabaz Napi especially "that stands out" with a 0/10 image).

Malcolm Brogdon the prize has given 16 points, Erik Bledso He added 15. On the other hand he rescued him Danijel Rasel 18, but it was not possible to be there Karis Levert, Spenser Dinvidia, Joe Harris, Jared Dadley i Alena Kraba, every beginner or main resources.

Also, we will mention that Atlanta has been teaching Washington with 137: 129 since it is Tyrone Prince He received 21 points, 12 of them in the last quarter when his & # 39; game. However, the player we have taken in the appropriate eye Vins Carter, who was the 42 years he got 16 points in 16 minutes of the half! Waiting for the 6/8 game. It's amazing.

NBA results:

Detroit – Denver 129: 103
/ Lajls 20, Moris 18, Jokic, Plamli, Bizli 16 – Drama 27, 12r /

Washington – Atlanta 129: 137
/ Bill 27, Green 26, Ariza 25 – Prince 21 /

Brooklyn – Milwaukee 94: 113
/ Rasel 18 – Adetokunbo 30, 15r, 9as /

New Oregon – Indiana 107: 109
/ Okafor 25 – Kolison 22, Sabes 16, 13rb /

Phoenix – Houston 110: 118
/ Jackson 25 – Harden 44 /

Sacramento – San Antonio 127: 112
/ Begli 24, 12r, Fox 20 – Derozan 24, Oldride 22 /



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