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Vice President of the National Party, Nikola Jovanovic, told FoNet today that the final "Agreement with the People" should be started on the next day.

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Earlier, the New Party announced that delegates from the parties and defensive groups today "agree with the people" who responded to the demands of the volunteers that were expressed at the "One in Five Million "and ask them for future action to establish a democratic state and a legal rule.

"Today's agreement has been agreed and people will be approved tomorrow with the people of England, that is our way towards a common aim – a normal, healthy state in the 21st century Europe. This way is one Aleksandar Vucic powerbar.

This agreement will allow this barrier and this power, "said President of the New Party, Zoran Zivkovic. The Chairman of the new Party Council, Aris Movsesian, explained that the agreement is an agreement, According to the statement, describing European values, which the New Party interprets as "an ongoing EU opportunity and more discussions." According to the agreement, "the challenge is challenging for Publish and review actions that the current system could, which could be & # 39; threatening national and national interests and resources. "

He said that the final decision on the general election list was not made, but the opponents agreed to try to create it. Janko Veselinovic, president of Gluais Movimiento, member of the Revolution Alliance, wrote on Twitter that the challenge today "has been given a complete consensus to build ordinary Serbia" and be signed tomorrow "Agreement with the people".


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