Less Choice – There is no place for the European Lifeboat!

The day after the news from Los Angeles that the Clips would come
Milos Teodosic began "vexing" in Europe to comment on
where the player from Serbia will continue to retire.

Milos Teodosic's first choice, though unlikely,
and some of the NBA clubs offer a contract for Saturday afternoon
to stay in the strongest strength of the world.

Because he knows that Teo has been disappointed by his "program" over
bare ", it is expected that this winter will leave the NBA and again
playing basketball in Europe.

It was said that Anadolu Efes, Maccabi Tel Aviv, had his options, but
and Moscow CSKA who had a very successful shirt over the period
from 2011 to 2017.

At this time, the journalists spoke to the first person "Armejaca"
Andrew Watutin sent "fire to the fire", and then he explained that
Milos Teodosic connects nothing.

"We did not think he would return to CSKA. Our preparations are
complete. So it's best to talk to Milos directly
His plans for the future and their return to those things
Go with a basketball game or decide on training, work and preparation
Serbia national team team at the World Cup
Vatutin said.

Since his first CSKA came to confirm that Teo does not going back to
Moscow, he is still waiting to see who is stolen by the Euroleague
Serbia's national team is a big problem.

Andrej Vatutin's final sentence should also be remembered.
Miloš Teodosić is able to complete the form with training
World Cup and to find a new link annually.

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