LG has introduced an advanced set of innovative LG researchers "ultra"


LG has introduced an advanced set of LG ultra monitors_3 innovativePhoto: Promo

On April 11, LG Electronics (LG) delivered a new series of new generation "Ultra" of improved performance, including UltraWide models of improved productivity, very high UltraFine actors for professionals in creative and UltraGar industries. for unique gaming experience.

In accordance with its reputation as a leading engineer in the UltraWide Study category (21: 9 and higher profile drawing), an impressive surface of the new LG 49 inches 49WL95C model is designed to increase and allow productivity to users. use of multiple tasks simultaneously and the most recent at UltraGear Gaming Monitor (at model 38GL950G) incorporates a distinctive quality of sequences and lightning to broaden a broad experience.

Auditors LG UltraWide 2019

In the latest UltraWide 49 inch LG 49WL95C survey there is a large 32: 9 screen with a loop giving a unique image quality.

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With thanks to cinematical size, the LG 49WL95C is a solution of high quality for multi-activity, as it is successful in setting the scene of an invisible multimedia. With a large number of pixels of 5120 x 1440 (which is equivalent to a number of pixels on two side Quad High-Quad explorers side by side) and 108 pixels of the inch (PPI) provide the best clarity, it was easier to read documents, and to make photographs and videos more easily.

The dual control software will allow connecting to many devices that can be managed by a single keyboard and mouse, easily working with PBP to improve work streams and increase efficiency. To take advantage of the amazing place the screen provides, the LG UltraWide moderators 'Picture-by-Picture' will display presentation material from a wide variety of sources and sources alongside multiple applications.

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In addition, with the help of USB Type-C ports, users can simultaneously provide data and complete tools – even laptops.

The most recent series of LG UltraWide researchers also includes models of smaller trophies, which hold all other valuable features. Both the 34WL850 and 34WL85C models use LG's superior Nano IPS technology, giving a truly real color to a truly superb color, covering 99% of waste. color space. Supported by HDR10, those researchers easily display video games and recordings with HDR. The VESAHHH ™ 400 technology demonstrates a wide range of colors up to 400 characters, giving a more lively and dramatic experience.

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Using Thunderbolt ™ technology 3, the LG UltraWide examiner provides greater productivity and efficiency. One Thunderbolt ™ 3 single file will transmit the 4K content, sound and the delivery of the 60W laptop battery, simplifying all work streams.

Based on all this, LG UltraWide provides the correct tools for developing productivity. Suitable for all types of work, this examination sits correctly with those working in the finance, IT, design and architecture sectors, where accuracy and quality of production are essential.

LG UltraFine ™ ™ LG

The series of UltraFine investigators is dedicated to creative professionals who value the information four times more transparent than the full HD module with a UHD 4K resolution. This feature offers users unrivaled experience of content. Amongst the researchers from this series, LG introduced the module 32UL950, which also includes Nano IPS t


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27UL850 features Black-Black technology that makes it quite clear in the darkest areas, while the Dynamic Action Syncic features allow players to easily access enemies through play. In addition, FPS and RTS methods provide good knowledge, customize and make choices for the selected game.

2019 LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

The introduction of a new Nano IPS UltraGear review by LG, supported by NVIDIA G-SYNC, and the 144Hz renewal rate for fast paced game without the scaling of the image. The lively images with stunning colors that are common at 3840 x 1600 resolution are color coverage of 98% of the color DCI-P3. The UltraGear Monitor is designed to take players to the form of a 21: 9 ratio, displaying almost a curved screen and design. A smart light, designed to create the best possible conditions for the game, will take up to six different color options emanating from the ring ridge and can be adapted to match game mode, and eye fatigue. at the same time.

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– Today we have provided a range of modules aimed at productivity, the quality of image and main games – Branislav Jordanov, marketing manager at LG Electronics in Serbia, said, “With the focus of the company. meeting different needs of users, we are increasingly seeing them as leaders in innovation when it comes to audit. "

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