Longjiang-2 satellite sent a picture from the far side of the moon

China's Longjiang-2 satellite image from the far side of the Moon, which is not visible from our planet's surface, and In the background it also shows a & # 39; Planet EarthSouth Westerly

It's a picture built on 3 February, to come to Earth the next day. Because the satellite does not have infrared audio on the satellite, the colors in the original photograph are quite different from the natural ones, but the experts who were over the pictures, the picture on continue by & # 39; return their original colors. A new footprint from the cosmos reminds some of the other cultural legends that have been made over the past few decades and even on Earthrise that is registered in 1968 during the Apollo 8 riches, and on the Voyager 1 portrait registered in 1990, which only shows the Earth as a blue hedgehog in the & # 39; cosmos.

Longjiang-2, which spreads the moon from June 2018, is a key element of the mission Chang 4, which focuses on its & # 39; moonlight, which is always turned away from Earth. Images from the Earth's saturated surface have already reached the cell cells, and it is expected that Longjiang-2 in He works until August, and to capture more images that are included in a series of historical sequences that will; offers new scenes of Earth and the linguistic environment.

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