Luna supported Anna and David, and then by sentence, Aleksandra Subotić and Slob Radanovič were out of their way! (VIDEO) | Telegraph

– Do not let the little things affect you on your relationship. I know you have something at last … "said Luna Ani and David

Luna David Ana

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Ana Korać and David Dragojević has been romantic for a while, and Luna Đogani gave their support for their relationship. The blogger came through the shops on the "Weekly Shot by Milan Milosevic" and made a number of suggestions.

Luna was particularly impressed by Anna, and when she was exhibited she sent out indirectly on Aleksandra Subotic, former David, and her beloved, Slobo Radanovic, who was married when she was related to her.

– I want to tell you not to worry, there is a man next to you who knows what he wants, who is sure what you have. Make a friend, do not put these stories together. What she's doing there, that's her! You are here, you enjoy me. Do not let the little things affect your relationship. I know you're something last night … Now you're here, enjoy this, when you go out to save everything you need to solve, This is my advice. Thanks to God, he is like this, he says and he stands. Imagine some of the nonsense, for some, did not know how they would say! Pleasing, "said Luna.

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