Mar is the 20km army around Ness

Niš – The third group of Military Policemen made a 20km contractor march in the Ness area, with the Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin.

Source: B92, Beta

Photograph: Ministry of Defense

Photograph: Ministry of Defense

A statement by the Ministry of Defense says that soldiers walked on a five kilometer per hour and through a urban environment and people did not; live.

After the march, Vulin believed that the soldiers were in a position; show that they were happy.

"As long as the Serbian Armed Forces are equipped, equipped and peace here, the strong army is the best who gives peace. In recognition of this, The state was better able to improve the organization's position by members of Serbia's Armed Forces and more modernized and equipped with military and military equipment, the Vulin Minister evaluated the parade of the day A very positive day and thanked the members of the Military Police Army for work, patience and sustainability.

According to the leader of the Third Military Battalion of Major General Stevan Vucic, it is a planned activity in today's concessionary march that has been met from time to time.

"The aim of this activity is to build the physical fitness of the members of their militant members and prepare for the achievement of specific activities." It was & # 39; Parade was made on unprotected land with an innovative idea, partly on the asphalt, and partly with a kolski road, by the Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin who marched 20 kilometers, which was honored and enjoyed in particular, because it was possible for the police to be able to; carrying out actions in the field in a sense, "said Major Vucic, saying he was content to accomplish the march, the commitment of the members and the results that were achieved.

He stressed that these actions continue to be carried out in the future, so that the battle group is ready and able to fulfill the specific tasks set before them.

When they arrived at the end of the march, members of the Military Police returned to the harbor with military weapons.

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