New cancer treatments will increase opportunities for treatment, and & nbsp; eliminate chemotherapy, and eliminate the Telegraph protection system

Scientists do not have a stop to work to find cancer drugs

Cells of cancer

Experts have found a new method of treating cancer, and does not include chemotherapy. This means you will not have any concerns about your protection system. The tight cells that will be accommodated will be addressed.

Scientists who are They use viruses to fight They found a way to stop returning to disease by a & # 39; Focusing on healthy cells around the tower and used as a magic. Oxford University researchers say that this is the first time they have attacked fibroblast cells (a type of attachment material) that is "deceived" to support the towers and do not get rid of getting healthy

This double attack can allow GPs to be drawn directly and yes Find carcinogenic cells that can trigger the protection system to attack a deadly attack. Although people still need more research, mice on human carcinoma samples has been successful. This is the most common type of tumor that occurs in a large number of members and insects.

"Even when most cancer cells are destroyed, fibroblasts can conserve the remains of these cells and restore and re-help them," said Dr Keri Fischer, author of the survey.

– So far, there was no way of killing cancer cells and fibroblasts, so that there is a The rest of the body is injured, that is, the defensive system is not damaged, it is the definition.

Lung cancer markings that you need to take into account Photography: Profimedia

Although this approach is new, cancer-causing viruses have been tested for a long time in the treatment of cancer patients. This new generation method will use the protection system as part of a cure. Yes, vWe will kill cancer cells, and as a result of their disease, damaged, protection protection.

"We hope the clinical reviews of this enhanced virus will begin next year and that that medicine is safe and effective for human treatment," said Fischer.

The new discovery was published in the science magazine "Cancer Research". The use of "equinox" is the virus which is specially designed to attack cancer cells, and leave healthy ones genuine. Once they are & # 39; going into the cell, the virus can move and go to the cell; go further and spread to other cancer cells.

However, Dr. Fisher and his colleagues have used another feature of the virus that will allow them insert the genes into the cells of the DNA that are fittedSouth Westerly

The fibroblasts are connecting cell cells, especially important for the treatment of adverse effects and the maintenance of the cells' environment. A random attack on these cells can cause a great deal of harm throughout the bodies, and this targeted medicine has a major step forward, that is the cure.

Photography: Wikimedia / Michigan Medical University Information Services, Wikipedia / Indolences

Genetic cells that have been inserted into cancer cells are brought to begin to output the molecule "B-T-B" (BiTe) which is a glue for fibroblastomas and the main units of a defensive system called "cell cell" or "kill cell". They detach and destroy the cells, and once and then; and the tumbs begin to start; making BiTe and hunting for fibroblasts, the protection system causes warning to have a larger tumor; happening.

"We have used the virus device so that BiTe can not only start it in cells with disease and there is no other space in the body," said Dr Joshua Friedman, one of the authors at the survey.

– The BiTe molecule is so powerful that it can protect inside a cell that is converted with cancer and thus attack fibroblasts – a & # 39; explained.

Professor Michel Lokey from the Cancer UK Research Center, who did not investigate, said that this is true great searchSouth Westerly

– The results inspected on human cells have been prompted, but the procedure is very difficult. One of the biggest challenges in immunotherapy is to # 39; Expect how the cure works with the patient's defensive system and what effects may be – Lokey is trying.

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