Non-healthy foods that affect mental illness

The number of people containing diabetes is related to bipolar disorder, and how vegetable and food foods are moved, Introducing a lot of food, with depression, and showing research.

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Picture: information

"This, as another research, can be very important for healing in a behavioral remedy," said Professor Dim Bant, who led the investigation.

Accordingly, the time has come when doctors need to keep track of mental nutritional effects. However, to finalize this question, further research is needed.

The University of Naomi Loma Linda (SA) received the link between unhealthy food and mental disorder, and part of the research was published on the "Medikal Express" site.

During the exam, information from Nauns inspected from over 240,000 telephone surveys was carried out between 2005 and 2015 as part of a California multi-year Health Check.

The Strunians found that people who used a lot of dietary diet in the diet had already reported mental disorder compared to those who were healthy. Doctors have come to the conclusion that almost 17% of the respondents respond to; suffering from mental disorder, which is 13.2 percent intermediate, and 3.7 per cent is very ill.

Bant decides that the results of the survey are due to the results of the saline research carried out in other countries.

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