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Not Pride of Sergei Trifunovic of Europe – Personal ideas

Free Vojvođani freelance head teacher and students of Novi Sad University are not entitled to convert

Tell some of my friends on Friday that we will not see before the Theater in a week. Sergei Trifunovic confirmed to them that the gathering and the campaign did not mean. Some have stopped two or three weeks ago, due to Dveri and a slogan against Europe.

Mihal Ramach

If this is followed, by the end of March we will be as big as the & # 39; The final collection of "Civil Novi Sad is against the system's message". When we burned candles to end democracy, along with our spectators, we were about thirty years old.

Trifunovic seemed to have come to Novi Sad at the order of the person he was calling. He spoke to a street language hate, even though some progress was avoided. Vučić, Maja Gojković and Nenad Čanak are not worthy of special respect, but Novosadjani does not go to the campaigns to ask them. We do not walk whistleblocks to eliminate one prostitution with others. We will eliminate your position, fair elections and respect for the law.

How does it work to encourage students who eat dinner in a restaurant? Trifunovic can consider the identity he wants. The spokesperson at the Theater Square needs to respect the collectors and those who are not. Serbia is a full citizen of those who do not go to the campaign, and those who love love at night, and those who sit in the reading room or in the dining room .

Each actor has the right to save Vojvodina. The speaker is not entitled to the Vojvođani Theater Square guilty. Anyone who does not respect another country will easily pass himself. Who does not care about Vojvodina, does not care about Serbia either. What is the truck that hangs on to & # 39; See, his place is in Vulin's arms. If the Free Citizen Movement is the type of President it is, they are better at & # 39; closing to shop. Sergei Trifunovic does not have anything that laments Friday 1 March, whatever he does to the civil spirit or freedom.

At the campaigns in Novi Sad, I meet people I know at least from March 1991. A nice person has a nice experience. frost, crash, and & # 39; whistle. Some of them met me with the children in the last few weeks, some with grandchildren. We did not give up the best. We did not grow mosques. We do not spit no a & # 39; Sing either in the house or in the street, we will not throw out or scatter. We listen to good and weak speakers. Trifunovic is not one of the faces listening to it once again. If the Federation for Serbia does not offer anything more acute and is not more appropriate, so it needs it. That's what Serbia's vital citizens need. No matter who breaks badly with characters how Trifunovic grows bigger.

He is a journalist and journalist from Novi Sad


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