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Nutrition and mental health | Mondo Portal

If you are concerned by a lack of motivation and effort, if you can't act in small things, you can try to rectify your situation by introducing changes t small to the diet.

The way they live and nutrition is having a big impact, and surveys have shown that there is a direct link between what we eat and how we feel. Fortunately, there are many foods that can improve your emotional and general condition by providing the necessary nutrients for the creation of neurotransmitters with responsibility for good t -guitness.

These six healthy eating habits can change "the world view":

Avoid processed food

One of the simplest methods to improve your feeling is one of steady blood sugar. This means you should avoid carbohydrate, sugar, soft drinks, and protein-based proteins, healthy fat (avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, whitefish) and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

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Don't be afraid of fat

If you are taking a healthy animal, you can expect to leave it inside your brain, wake up, and feel intimidated. Healthy cars are needed, to try to introduce more healthy stores of healthy fat into the diet, such as olive oil and blue fish – salt, mackerel, salmon, nuts, seeds and seeds.

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Green tea drink

When you are pressing, green tea is the best option. It has powerful antioxidants, including a questionnaire that is important for brain health, as well as Lien, which collects and focuses and relieves the body's response to the body.

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Eat foods full of vitamin D

Low levels of D vitamins are sometimes a victim of dreadful weather. Lack of harm to vitamin D can lead to depression. It is not based firmly on the way it causes, but vitamin D can affect brain regions and serotonin, which confirms our vitality. T .

Therefore, it is important to include this vitamin, and the food supplies are the best sources of cereals or veal, yellowhammer, canned fish, shiitake mushrooms, milk – full, skimmed or partly with shawl, yoghurt, almond milk, orange juice, hard cheese.

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Every day you are eating food

The evidence is that we have good tissues in our caps affecting brain function and all mental health more, so it would not be bad to help them a bit. Formed products such as iogurt, kefir, kombucha … are good at maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria.

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And don't forget magnesium

We should always feel good, not only physically, but also in my mind. If we have magnesium deficiency, it also affects our mental state. Magnesium helps to maintain glutamate and calcium in our brain at a healthy level. If you are stressing, if pressure is part of your daily life, if you are worried, without magnesium, your brain cells are rotting incredible.

On the board you should include thimbles, spoons, French nuts, whole grains, almonds, Indian coconut, nuts, beans, beans. There are murders in potatoes, bananas, salmon, milk, chicken, fish, beef, broccoli, apples and carrots.

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