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Obradovic: If you feel suspected, contact the doctors – Politika

After the event in front of the Old Palace, Vice-President of the Party Party of Servants and President of the Women's Union, Marija Obradovic, with the NHS representatives, held a press conference under the banner " "Soldier".


She criticized "fascist attacks on women" who she accused him of the Serbian bosses.

Accordingly, today's "attack" is only one of a series of "fascist activities" that show that violence and violence are the means of communication and the political program of the Alliance for Serbia. Obradovic said that not all Serbian citizens should be "confused" because the state and the centers responsible for peace and public order "protect every citizen, and in particular women".

Obradovic announced that the Alliance for Serbia, led by Bosko Obradovic, was intentionally to "ban" the opening of the Belgrade Assembly at the moment when a meeting of the Co-operative Council was held. T help to maintain gender equality where there were a large number of women present. She added that the "promotions" and staff of the domestic assembly were "heroes" and that they were then Djurdjina Ljubenovic 64 years and Svetlana Tasljarevic sixty years old.

– These two women received emergency help at the scene, and were then taken to the Emergency Center where trauma, the chest, chest breasts, and hypertensive crisis could be found – obradovic. When asked whether the two men were "seriously injured" or "traumatized", Obradovic said it may have been "tidy by notice" and as a result of "special legal provisions". “She couldn't give more information about their state health. The persistent question proved that while she says the two women suffered or been saved, Obradovic answered the question “is this really important to you?

– I will get you to doctors in the Emergency Center to look at that information. I am shocked to look for a screen in the attack on women in the seventh year of life, when one of them falls unconscious. If you suspect that they have done something which is not "true", you can look for them as well as doctors in the Emergency Center. I always stand behind these women – Obradovic said.

He will write Bosko and your door

"Everyone with a smile that is just listening to my exhibition right now, I just remind you that tomorrow's Bosko and the team will be hitting their door," said Obradovic when he watched unusual, non-existent, out of the journalist Danas.


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