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Online News / News / Economy / Users now do not want to own their own furniture collection

Long-term internet sales have not been accepted over the internet, but people have become accustomed to time.

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Its global furniture market is changing rapidly, since consumers are clearly not only important quality but also fast ordering, delivery, and in particular a free montage service.

Everything that goes on that side is shown by the Swedish movement "Ikee", which was decided for a & # 39; the first time in its 76-year history to buy an American Taskrebit furniture company to offer a wider range of services to consumers and to better deal with competition.

As the European media writes, the online online crash is essential to each company, even for Ikeu. On the other hand, sales have not been accepted on the internet in the long run, but the customers have been accustomed to a time, and now the main service in the service department is after American In exchange for 14% of the total sales of Ikeine, the second largest market for this Swedish company after its & # 39; Germany.

Analysts estimated that the US market of £ 282 billion was worth £ 282 billion in 2017, with the Ikee share of two per cent, slightly lower than in 2014, and considerably lower than in the market Germany with a share of 12 per cent per cent.

There are only retail retailers, such as the German "Houm 24", the British "Meade", a & # 39; grow rapidly. Shopping as an "Amazon" also offers furniture, as well as separate platforms. "Volmart" began in America through "Handy" (major "Taskrebit" competition); offers free furnished furnishing services in the United States.

Inspectors say that anyone who is selling furniture today has a delivery service. In the future, companies are expected to be different in terms of what they offer to customers beside the delivery. "Ikea" has been a leader in many markets offering furniture for people who are willing to travel to their large areas outside their home, and then deliver their own buyers on the made up.

According to the media, today's customers prefer to use online shopping, even large pieces of furniture that will be delivered to them, and then to build in the home.

That's why these Swedish traders have taken a longer step and gave consumers what they wanted. After Ikea took over, Taskrebit was extended to 48 US cities. He moved to London from outside London in 11 other towns, and has reached a great deal of way to Toronto. This company will be & # 39; doing business for ten years, and according to their masters, 545,000 furniture was collected, 340,000 homes were moved and included more than 190,000 television, and Polish writing.

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