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Plastic killing of human fertility The Society

Aleksandra Vasić |

Tuesday 31, 2019 22:02 |

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YOUNG PEOPLE Comparison fell by 52% compared to the time of the last century! The harmful elements of a plastic pack are one of the reasons for this, showing data. It was confirmed that this led to a reduction in the number of spermatozoa in men, and in women it is said that domestic experts in a range of congenital treatments are more frequently encountered with problems without physically, ill and endocrine problems.

According to the data from the last week's session removing breastfeeding outwith the patient "Europe in Serbia – IVF", every sixth in the country has a problem We stand on a non-output basis. That the number is getting bigger, showing practice.

– There are problems with early intervention, early entry to breakdown, serious illness, heart disease and a reduction in the number of egg cells more often. These problems are caused by pollution, toxins and food containing antibiotics, hormone and heavy metals. It has also been confirmed that the endocrine system is very sensitive to plastic biasols. The reality is that they do have a detrimental effect on fertility and that you can interrupt the whole process, from producing only a little healthy to the taking of the eggs. say pro. Dr Svetlana Spremović Rađenović, an expert in gynecology and subspecialists in GAK's endocrinology "Narodni front".

Bisphenol A (MSP) is used in plastic packaging for a variety of materials including water, juice and ready meals. According to the research, this plastic component comes into the body, "mimics" some hormones and troubles our endocrine system.

The problem does not arise through the night. In the body this content is stored for years, favorable, it does not give any symptoms, but it can have health consequences and disease is caused to generations. ahead.

OUTLOOK: Plastic items found in a bottle of water

– When you think of it, is it really hard that we don't pack milk, water and basic food in plastic? – our interpreter asks.

ZABRANA OD 2021. GODINE In European Union countries for environmental purposes it is expected that plastic removal measures will be banned from 2021. Plastic eating equipment, accessible plates, straws, bugs, balloon traders, dining boxes and dining habits are not widely used. expanded polystyrene glasses. – I hope that this is the beginning of removing plastic plastic from everyday use and that the next step is to pack water and food in vessels of different materials – say pro. Dr. Spremović Rađenović.

Rising prevalence of infertility resulted from the harmful effects of plastic materials at the US Rehabilitation Medicine Conference in Denver, where Serbian doctors participated. Dr. Sava Micic, a psychologist and one of the foremost experts in dealing with male obesity, including male.

– Between 1973 and 2011, the number of male males in the Western Isles declined substantially. Everything that plastic pieces have been produced is designed to release dangerous substances and influence the working and reproducing cells of sperm. When all the results are from men and women good and there is no pregnancy, the latest molecular tests can find out if the cause of male abusive activity is collecting harmful materials. T in the body – say pro. Sava Micic.

Professor Micic says that there is only one laboratory in Serbia that searches for plastic elements in the body, and measures the damage to DNA elements, but these tests are not available. generally available to the public and are now managed for scientific purposes.

However, by carrying out detailed examination, the expert can accept that there is more than a single substance in the human body that affects the result of spermatozoa and which has t order treatment for medicines for three or six months. The problem can be tackled with a variety of drugs that can promote output, improve sperm quality and eliminate adverse environmental impacts.



PLASTIC I use every day in larger dimensions, especially for food products. Most are packaged in plastic materials, so we have to accept them if we don't want them. There are no other options available for this and it will be difficult in the future.


THE BACKGROUND I use plastic when I buy different types of drinks, especially carbonated. I don't use much to pack food. Plastic use should be banned, but this will be very difficult. First, everyone should use a paper bag instead of the plastic bin.


Unfortunately, I use bottles only. It makes sure that plastic food is high. It would be good if the materials were packed in glass, but it is much more expensive. I think we are linking to plastic because it is everywhere and it's difficult to go instead.


I recently started to look at plastic use, so when I buy two types of fruit I put them in the same pocket and put two invoices in the middle. I also use more and more candles. I wasn't thinking

such a detrimental effect, at least, the environment is polluted.


Finished vessels and bottled water are things I buy in plastic. I go to market many times with the bag, but sometimes I forget, so I have to take a bag. I often think about the effects that plastic can have for a person's health and so I can avoid most.

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