POPIS POPIS IN TREATMENT SHEET 1 HUMAN: Instead of a pen, we listen to laptops, and the newspaper is also the SAMOPOPIS on the Internet! Here are 3 questions you don't have to answer News

POPIS POPIS IN TREATMENT SHEET 1 HUMAN: Instead of a pen, we listen to laptops, and the newspaper is also the SAMOPOPIS on the Internet! Here are 3 questions you don't need to answer

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BELGRADE – A census census for population, housing and households begins in 51 Serbian towns and towns, named Deputy Director of the Department of Social Statistics Snežana Lakčević, saying the list is to 30 April at midnight.

"The census census covers around 20,000 households and 50,000 people, and is being put in place to make sure everything is checked and ready for the main menu, designed for 2021, "said Laccevic, saying the pilot will be held at 14 Belgrade Townships.

She compared that, in comparison with the last census in 2011, that the first test list will work on an electronic format with the help of laptops and that the second newspaper is an opportunity for young people to use a computer. make the internet self-sufficient that the people of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš are in the first seven days. April.

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13,000 people and 5,000 households are expected to use this option, and the people of Scotland have received letters about the trial list, their web address as they are self-defined, the authentication code and the signpost. they can do this by April 7th.

Snežana Lakčević confirmed that the enumerators cannot come to the door unless they do so for any reason.

Citizens should answer all the questions, but those related to them religion and nationality, but also the level of disability.

According to Lakčević, the census census includes basic information about the population – households, houses which includes demographic, mobility, ethnicity and ethnicity. education and educational issues, and issues relating to disabled people – shaped by the World Health Organization (WHO and the Washington Group) rules.

Citizens will also have questions such as those who live at the home, when a building is constructed, where the source is, whether it is inhabited, at least the dwelling, at least. there is plumbing, sewage;

"The moving block means questions – have you moved, whether you have always lived, whether you have lived abroad, how long have you been? , why have you returned, do you have Serbia citizenship, some other countries … ", said Laksevic.

Depending on the situation, issues include marital status, number of children, school, computer use and …

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“A set of economic features include questions – are you working, were you blocked from working, for the reason, are you a worker, your pensioner, where are you? company, "said Snezana Lakcevic.

He also said that they had a set of questions about people with disabilities that there is not one single record of people with disabilities, and to create the basis for achieving and reviewing strategic objectives for the situation.

The expected annual census price is 280,000 euro, and funding is provided from EU IPA funds.

It will be led by 85 enumerators who will, in order to halt any potential abuse, exhibit features in the Republic of Statistics, a visible feature of the work, picture and number of the ID card.

With each careful step, citizens will have the opportunity to check the name and surname of the enumerators every day from 8.00 to 20.00, visiting the telephone information center 011 2403 266.



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