Ranieri, go! Fulama fans have only one demand! Is it true?

Slavisa Jokanovic's scree is a much better game in the other
part of the season, with proof of Fulham in two years at the European League,
The same was like other teams, such as Watford, Maccabi
and Partizan.

However, he did not get the chance he got back to his & # 39; Prime Minister
the league, after a few trips and failed
big city Claudius Ranieri.

A confirmation that is not b & # 39; One Ranieri can be suitable for this team even though it was
more time has allowed fans to sing in a voice; first one
Jokanovic coach.

In the bad impact of Southampton, Fulham fans have marked their flag
called Slavisa Jokanovic.

Look …

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