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Return to the Famous Age of Empire?

The history of Age of Empires has a history of almost 22 years, and is certainly one of the strings of the world of computer games.


You can then think about the joy of the people when Gamescom 2017 began that the Relic studio would work on Age of Empires IV.

Since then, it has been over a year and a half, and in addition to that project, we have no other signs, so we are think it's time to find a new one.

It seems that Microsoft agrees to it, because, in its most recent blog at Age of Empires: Explanatory Edition, its own special category was published in "Xbox Inside", "AoE" by "inspiring notices" PlaySouth Westerly

This means we can only make a measure, but in the # 39; sutina we hope to see the last of the first cameras or the same from AoE 4.

We will surely find the dates for AoE 2 and 3 Edition Definitive, also known as Gamescom 2017. In any case, we can almost hear new news about one of the lines best of strategies all the time.

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