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It is not known when Saban Saulic is buried, as the German procurator's office called for autopsy on Thursday. However, although we did not know yet, the older daughter, Sanela, said he should not be buried on 21 February, since his birthday is then!

Initially, a plan to remember was to be held on Thursday, but it was immediately clear that the king of the country would not be held on that day.

Photograph: Damir Dervišagić

– Sanela, as soon as she got back from the worst bite of life, She told her to let her skipper's mother. She does not want to remember her birthday's birthday most difficult for life, "said the source, saying her husband, Zoran Bata Mirkovic, who supports her Sanela in this difficult moment.

The former football hit before the death of his sweetheart, who had a great deal of agreement and often he would; talk about it.

Responding to the question about what; first companions to the letter Š, Bata said, as a cannon:

– My father. Listen to his songs before we started our family. But when you sit down and listen live, it's a much more beautiful feeling. Distribution room is completely different. No, not a rabbit, it's always a big company with us and it's just about the soul. Shaban recognizes football, he played earlier until he started playing, Sing a job, and we often comment on games – he said, and on the # 39; question what their favorite tastes, Stick said:

Picture: partizan.rs

– Let's be "Dirty". It reminds me of some loss from play days, like the one with Partizan against Artmedija – said Stick.

The Šaulić family always celebrated the important dates together, and Šaban inherited exhibitions recorded on the birthday of his children and grandchildren.

– Just as it was when she grew up more out of her home than she was, Saban has been going to her; trying to make a legacy of the heirs for the last few years in the last few years. At those times he regularly met music applications and daughters and son and wife, but also to their friends – said our store.

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