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05. February 2019. 23:43

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The Serbia President, who acts as a citizen, is a campaigner application. The names of the street names name acadymes can be obtained from SFRY

The Rev. Aleksandar Vucic as a citizen of the two academic academics – writer Dobrica Cosic and historian Milorad Ekmecic – the streets in Belgrade – learn "Novosti".

According to their procedure, the application will be sent to its & # 39; Commission for the monuments and names of squares and streets of the Synod of Belgium, and must have a short biography and an explanation of why it is; praised. The situation is that three have passed away from the death of someone.

The Commission will then consider its & # 39; recommend and, if agreed, be sent to the Ministry of State and Local Self Government for an opinion, and upon receipt of permission, the City Decision will be made to a final decision.

As we learn, the place that includes streets will be named after the names of the former countries of Yugoslavia.

Dobrica Cosic (Velika Drenova 1921 – Belgrade 2014) was a well-known writer in Serbia, a political and national theoretician. He went to literature in 1951 with the "Far is the sun" part. After that, the "Roots" and the NIN Prize, "Deobe", "Time of Death", "Time of Evil", "Time of Power" after that …

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As a member of the state's representative body, he was a Tito companion; he had on the Galeb boat, who visited African countries. After that he broke up with Tito and became one of his biggest challenge figures.

In the SASA 1970 address, he said the famous sentence: "Serbiaich won in the war, and lost in peace." The intention of seeing Kosovo was seen in the Kosmet division. It is also called "father of the country".

Photo N. Fifić

Milorad Ekmečić (Prebilovci 1928 – Belgrade, 2015) was a well-known historian historian and member of the Republic of the Republika Srpska. During the Second World War, Ekmečić 78 of his family lost. After completing general history investigations at Zagreb University, he was elected assistant at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, where he worked as a professor until the war began in 1992. He was arrested with the Muslim "Green Berets", he was in the housekeeper, and got rid secretly to the land of Republika Srpska. After that, until he retired in 1994 he was a full-time professor of Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

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He published the famous work "Between killing and plowing. The history of the Serbs in the new century (1492-1992)", which lends this title from Ivo Andric, describes the history of a nation in these words.


In one interview for "Vecernje novosti", Milorad Ekmečić remembered his terrible time in his youth:

– Under old days, I'm updating fear of what happened in 1941 in Herzegovina. A 13-year-old boy from his first community was brought to my brother from nine years: "We killed your father" and he smiled. Animals are in people if the church is not guided.

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