Thursday , February 20 2020
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Tesla sold 4,600 models in March in Norway

After a good start in the European market in February, the Vikings really bought the car.

The country is known as the country where electricity is widely used, so in 2018 there's only one model for electricity ( tNissan Leaf) he sold the best car title in the year.

But, Teslin Module 3 but now he is looking for the four-wheelwheel title that was being sought in 2019 in that Scandinavian country.

According to data it published Teslastats, just in March (finishing on 29 June), 4,609 copies of Model 3 were given to the Vikings, and in February 2008 on sale, 792 cars were found by the Navy. t their owners.

We remember that Nissan Leaf reached through 2018, when it was named in Norway's most famous example, 12,303 addresses.

This means that, if you follow at this pace, Model 3 can outperform the sales of the Nissan electricity model in the first half of 2019.

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