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The day before the end of the interim period: Anderlecht and Ricardo Gomez!

The day before the end of the interim period: Anderlecht and Ricardo Gomez!

Anderlecht attempts to invade, and every time, his & her; Belgium has risen to legs, and wave and a great part of Europe. Anderlecht is a club capable of paying compensation, and is a good record for the largest European team, and many are important when calling for a device to be announced in the " Brussels. And the last name and one name we know – Ricardo GomezSouth Westerly

Number 11 is not the first point but option B because Anderlecht is the closest to Benfica agreement Feunda FereireThe Argentinean would return to a loan for a year and a half, and Anderlecht needed to pay a large part of his salary of 2,200,000 barley every quarter. The problem is, at least, that the 27-year football player has not yet accepted the move to Belgium, although clubs have reached an agreement.

Yes Fereira at the end and his trash shift, Anderlecht needs to visit another solution and we will come to that Ricardo GomezSub-Party Partizan would like to keep the striker from the Island of Zelenostrek until the end of the season and he immediately raised his hand for such a problem, so he could see a year beforehand. However, the financial situation in Humska wants someone to go to keep the black and white peace in the settling room at springtime, and in January this club has not got one of the move.

The plan to be & # 39; Gathering your budget by going to & # 39; sold Svetozar Markovic (in the focus of several Italian clubs, especially Genoa and Sasuola) and / or Saše Zdjelara (Bordeaux), but both are still there, and the times are smaller, because in the # most of Europe, count on its & # 39; Belgium ends the deadline dated Thursday.

They will then be residing in other markets, for example, China and the Middle East, where there was a truth about the interests of specific clubs just for Gomez, but he never refused to give a dream for a bigger role in a stronger European league. Partizan has another value of about 3,000,000 berries. It is estimated that it has to close the financial structure before the summer. He is still thinking of finding that money in a different way, instead of selling 27-year strike, 10 pre-season 10 goals, and four candidates for the Europa League.

After all, Anderlecht's first likes Fereira, and as a target that may also represent 23-year-olds Nikolai Komlicenko, Krasnodar's wrestler loaned in Mlada Boleslav. Ricardo Gomez a long stick then. But there were wrong things in the last hours of the interim period.

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