The investor's target of "Nikola Tesla" from Aerodrom "activity

The total exchange exchange up to 350.7 million dinars (2.9 million euros).

Belgrade Stock Exchange

A list of the richest sources, BELEX15, increased by fifty percent to 744.97 points, while BELEXline improved 0.4% to 1,566.6 points.

Today, the most attractive is the obstacles of the Belgola Airport Nikola Tesla, the contrary for RSD 31.4 million with the price price of 0.3 per cent to RSD 1,710.

Serbia oil industry expanded by 0.1% to 680 dinars, with a change of 4.0 million, and the same prices reduced by the categories of Gornji Milanovac Metalac, which closed at 2.012 dinars, were achieved 0, 8 million dinars.

The producer and distributor of technologists, Mešer Tehnogas, found himself at the top of the lost list, with about fifty percent weakening to 10,750 dinars, with a dynamic trade value of 0.4 million.

The average price of Komercijalna Banka increased by 1.8% to 2,140 dinars, with less trade, while Energoprojekt Holding was a & # 39; dolphin management of 4.3 per cent to 679 diners, with little trade.

Among the winners, the "Filip Moris" tobacco industry was chosen by 2.1 per cent growth to 3.480 dinars, but with more symbolic indication, as well as Fintel Energy, trading day with a 0, 2 per cent, to 511 diners.

Foreign investors had a share of 46.74 per cent in the total stock market exchange, with 7.74 per cent in purchases, and 85.75 per cent in sales.

There were two series of governmental countries of the Serbian Republic, one dinar and other in patients, and a change record of RSD 313.8 million together.

RSD bonds, the RSO1488 series, scheduled for September 2021, were sold for 287.5 million dinars, and the connection was introduced in Euros RSO16137, with quality in May 2026, yielding 26.3 million dinars (0, 2 million euros).

Foreign market investors had a 50 per cent share.

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