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This tea will clean the cellulite as waste! A little cups a day and you have good skin!


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The cellulite that accumulates the largest in the thigh and area of ​​stomach is a major problem for most women, while one of the solutions is plant teas.


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This tea encourages behavior change in the body, removes sugar and fat, drops sugar, and is very effective in removing fat pumps t .

Medicine a hot cup of birch, mink peppers, nettles, ginger and mammals, and a few cups of tea are recommended each day. In fact, it is important to drink water.

Birch beetles are more easily accessible to a wide variety of sugar and black stems. They are a diuretic, and are often used to take away cellulite loss and general weight loss. The ladybug takes over the body and strengthens the muscles, and it's great to fight weight.

The Poland is preserved by medicinal herbs full of minerals, especially silicates, which strengthen binding tissue, which is essential for the removal of cellulite. In addition, there are also excellent routines for people who are likely to have bone-bones, and also are used in internal and external blood. See THIS RESEARCH Cindy Crawford.

In addition to the herbivores, cellululite should be treated by regular masses which act as lymphatic drainage.

If you choose an anti-cellulite massage, it is best to use hazel oil as it dries deep into the skin and adds several pages of essential natural essentials too. improve the circulation and spoilage of fines.


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Tea and lined up with cellulite

Mix 20 grams of broccoli leaves, broccoli, nettle leaves, butter roots, birch leaves and leaves of strawberry grass. See HERE for the foods you have on your stomach.

– Pour one side of a mix of tea into boiling water and leave for 10-15 minutes then then on.

– Have the swallow into the liquid, slowly tighten and put the flies around the body which is affected by cellulite.

– Cover all together with plastic foil, then aluminum foil and finally woolen garments.

– Leave to work for 30-40 minutes, then apply with oil against cellulite.

– From the same mix of tea you can make tea (1 spoon of 2.5 water with boiled water) and drink it in the morning and afternoon for 4–6 weeks.

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