Today, the disorder, the temperature up to 11 degrees

The cool weather of Knez Mihail is fullPhotograph: Petar Dimitrijevic / RAS Serbia

Serbia is fast in the morning and in the morning, next to the valleys and river glens of the west and southern Serbia.

From part of a diary entertain. In Timočka Krajina it's fast and cold during the day, RHMZ was named.

Southeast wind gradually gradually, late in the evening in the lower rehabilitation, in southern Banat and in the lower Danube region during the night. Monday morning from 0 to 4, the highest daily day from 4 in the east to 11 degrees Celsius in the west of Serbia.

In Belgrade, morning and morning lunar, from mid-day, will be gradually funny. Morning temperature is around 3, the highest day is about 9 degrees Celsius.

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