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Viber v10.0.0 For Android and iOS, it has come to a sudden, unexpectedly, and it has made all new designs, as well as faster discussions, group calls and more, which we will deal with later.

The known purple color has changed and is clearer, and the difference is immediately considered, at its first eye. The design of the application is simplified, including a flat, without too many elements, interconnected and with much more clean. The conversations are split more clearly, with a larger and easier format to read.

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Within the main menu now there is only conversation, calls and settings, and as part of writing messaging, it is even easier now with more images at the bottom of the interface.

See how the new Viber is like now:

With "tenth" video calls to five users at one time, which allows you to quickly set up a video connection from the four-dial conversation window. Some users only have voice voice bandwidths capable, but they can quickly access video capabilities. This option is dependent on the server, so it is up to whether or not your server is already Viber "Attending" your number, or your application.

Now you're now looking at your Android or iOS store and look for a new Viber and try it now! This is the biggest Viber change in the last four years, it will tell a & # 39; company, and we are sure to expect your comments as soon as you are. try a new claim.

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