We live in homes with 3 women, or … … Emina Jahovic moves out of VILLA VILLA, and finds out what her new DOM is near her husband. husband! | Rionnagan

Emina Jahovic moved to part of Istanbul where her husband Mustafa Sandal lives, and she says that she made it for practical purposes.

The singer says that she does not want to be closer to her father's children, as she will see him whenever she wants.

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"It is true that I live in a part of the city that is now near Mustafa, but not for my desire to live side by side, but just the region we are in. T I can see Mustafa when I want, it isn't a problem, "said Emina.

illustration: Dragan Kadić

She admits that she lived in a far bigger place and that she would now have less home help.

“The house is a beautiful place, but it's too big for me, we lived with another three women, now I only have one. The newer house is more likely, more intensive, though not much smaller than the old one, ”said Jahovic.

picture: Damir Dervišagić

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