What about Ivan Marinkovic ?! Everything is scratched and bloody, scary pictures!



04/10/2019. 17:17

Ivan Marinkovic

Ivan Marinkovic, Pic: Printscreen

Ivan Marinkovic is in an awful friendship with the contestant, Jelena Jealous, turning "Couples". The other day, they struck it when she honestly struck her – t You can read more about this HER.

But the image of Ivan with the marks on the front, as well as the blood visible, is let into the public!

His tired opposition said that she was not feeling well. The fans were panicing about their favorite thing and asking who would do it for him?!

Jelena Ilic, Ivan Marinkovic

Jelena Ilic, Ivan Marinkovic, Picture: Printscreen

The majority agree that it was Jelena who sent him through the riot and caused him to damage.

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