WhatsApp is developing the PiP mode on its Android application

Facebook's WhatsApp was launched last year in the Picture Picture (PiP) module, and was extended to Android in December.

But, PiP Mode for Android has limits, but it is just played in the conversations. In the latest WhatsApp beta update, this was set.

With the beta version of WhatsApp 2.19.86 for Android, the company has developed PiP Mode, which is now working like the iPhone version. The modified activity continues to play video in a small window after leaving the conversation, reducing the app, or turning to another application.

WhatsApp is still trying this feature, which is not yet available for Android's main use. If the tests are successful, it is expected that the enhanced PiP methodology will be available to all users soon.

There's one other thing that appears on this application in this leaflet, and it automatically plays voice messages after another.

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