When Partizan had four lead solutions in succession to see for the last time and did you know what happened after that?

With three trainers wearing his bench, Partizan is this one
"managed" spring to link four consecutive losses

Under the direction of Zoran Mirkovic, black and white lost from Radnicki
(0: 1) Humska and Vozdovac (0: 1) on a mobile basis, and the third failure
a series of events was held under the leadership of the head of post, Žarka
Lazetic, when Spartak picked up points from Humska (1: 3).

Today, this very unsatisfactory line was held on the first day of the first new man
foot, Sava Milosevic, black and white people have since been sunk in Krusevac
Progress with 1: 0.

As a result, Partizan fell to a fourth place
the table is about and everything is definitely about the tenth 160ths of the stadium
Humska, if this order is still tabled.

In fact, the question arises when Partizan is first
an event like this took place in the home competition.

By exploring the archives, we will come to us 2006/07 season, when it is
Partizan had two really serious scans, but eventually they got out
as the second one in the table, with 17 less points than the Red Star.

In the fourth quarter, Partizan tied three consecutive consequences first
(Vojvodina 0: 1, OFK Belgrade 0: 1, Mladost Apatin 0: 1),
happening with the Red Star, when the Black and Whites won a point, t
it was 0: 0.

But, in the second part of that season, a heavier cycle of black and white.

It started losing from Hajduk in Kula with 3: 0, and then Zvezda
They won in Humska by 2: 1, and they lost two more
(Bežanija 1: 2 and Vojvodina 0: 2).

And then the final round of the 2006/07 season
Explosion; Black and white – a result of 7: 1 per face
Young people from Apatin complete the evening series! T

Can Partizan led by Milosevic in the next round of proceedings?
repeating something like that? The black black and the white team is the Čukarički u
Humska …

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