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Prizepolje football players UdesPhoto: Private archive

Without a doubt, it was good, the Prijepoljci was speaking today, the day after the accident left with the local FA team "Polimlje", on their return from a game at Zlatibor. In the dreadful of two vehicles, eight were injured, including four underage coaches and their coach.

The typhoon of a busus called Esrib from Priboj, carried by cadets "Polymy" and "audija" of the Kikinda registration sheets, replaced 13.15 on Sunday in Vodice through Zlatibor.

Following the accident in Uzice, four players aged 15 to 17 years of age were carried the coach and a couple from Kikinda. All but the Kikindjin who was forwarded by the "Audi" and who were on the orthopedic uterine who was stopped for breaking the arm were on the same day as it was refused for domestic treatment. In the afternoon several other boys reported to hospital doctors in Prijepolje for small injuries.

Zoran Čarkilović, young coach fk polimljePhoto: Private archive
Zoran Čarkilović, young coach fk polimlje

After the game in Zlatibor, 12 players from the frontline team FK "Polimlje" and their coach Zoran Čarkilović arrived on a small bus to Prijepolje.

I sat beside the driver and, as I was 25 years old as a driving instructor, he followed closely on the road. In front of them, a column was formed close to a gentle bend, right but unclear. A driver took a minute two cars to passengers and went over the tractor. I shouted: "No, no there isn't" because we went into the loop. At one time it seemed that it was decreasing and trying to return to the correct tape. However, he climbed again to the wall and continued to pass the tanker. From the other side, 'audi' appeared. The carriages were going together at a great distance. Our driver tried to get back right, but he couldn't because of the lorry. To avoid the disaster, he turned to the extension on the right side, but escaped from the road, escaping from the bus and "audi". There was a temptation to extend – the story for "Blic" Zoran Čarkilović.

Four players and their coach were hurt in the accidentPhoto: Private archive
Four players and their coach were hurt in the accident

The accident continued, as he continued to drive lorries and two passenger carriages which drove a coach through, but no one stopped and ran for help.

The unfortunate man, the fool, wounded his neck in front of him, his arm and his knee. In addition, four of his players were carried, one of whom broke his finger, another nose, and wounded the third of his neck, fourth.

– Meanwhile, a man from Kikinda was helped to force the two arms like he told me, and his wife had broken her out – Čarkilović says.

After the accident, the children returned home alone

One of the stained cadets Polimlja Denis Luinovic told Senad's father that his coach had warned the bus driver not to cross the column.

– Denis sat behind the driver, in an accident he broke his left arm and received a hematoma on the thigh. Just after telling me that my son had been moved to hospital, I went to Uzice. My baby was taken out of hospital on Sunday, but this was done today. It is incredible that a person from FK Polimlje did not reply, nobody wanted me to ask how he was my son. After the accident, they did not send vehicles in to return the pupils who had been waiting for the carriage home. Some boys left their parents, others took them from the Tolstoyers – they knew on the road – Senad Luinovic told us yesterday.

Nedžad Talović, his son Denis, also said in the small bus that no FK Polimlje speaker had called him after the accident.

– My wife and two co-workers were brought together by a local citizen and brought home. When they reached Prijepolje, due to harsh cuttings and a hematoma on my head, I took it to the emergency room where they told him to study a surgeon. I don't want to blame a person till the investigation is finished – says Talovic.

The company "ES turs" of Priboj does not refuse to accept the burden of the driver.

– He made a mistake because he made a mistake on the road. It was on that part of the road 80, and he asked us to move at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. He told us that he had not sent the column, but every single carriage. According to his allegation, "audi" with which he hit were much faster than the 60 kilometers allowed. The bus is 7 years old and technically correct, and the driver has worked with us for eight to nine years and this was the first event. After the accident, we drove a car to Zlatibor with five players back to Prijepolje – we were told in this company.

According to "Blic" information against M. I. (35) from Priboj, who drove a small bus, a criminal complaint was recorded for serious traffic safety offenses.

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