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The strongest domestic football competition was eventually won by the trustee. From the next season of the game, perhaps the morning term.

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Photo: MONDO / Mario Milojević

After four years, Superliga will once again have a standard trust in Serbia!

It will be a Chinese companyLinglong"he is involved in a television production which was formerly the sponsor of Juventus and Wolfsburg. t

This information was interviewed about the Kurir interview by the president of the Super League Union, Dragomir Lazovic, and he also published a few details about the contract.

"The contract will be for three years and will sign on Friday. Each year the Community receives EUR 420,000, and the money will be used sparingly for Serbia football, t Find Lazovic.

Kinevi is investing heavily in domestic football, but their companies are also active in the leagues and strongest clubs in Europe. Due to the difference in time zones, the individual games each cycle of Series A and Primera are direct due to the Chinese and local audience market playing in matinee terms (Spain from 12). in Italy at 12.30), so it is expected that Superliga will run from the next season.

"At the moment, our partners from China did not have any complaints about moving Superleague games, although we are ready for a future contract.", Lazovic is clear.


Source: MONDO

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