Sergio Berni: "I wanted to kill a criminal and I had no problem whatsoever" – 12/12/2018


The old Secretary of Security Sergio Berni criticized her; a new protocol issued by the Ministry of Patricia Bullrich: "It's not appropriate, it's a smoke bomb."

"The protocol is not appropriate because it is against the law. Care is to make money from the security forces to work properly. Everyone needs to be involved in the law involved in this country. He can not confront the law only of the constitution or against international contracts, "said Berni.

But his criticism was limited to the law. "Another thing is to talk about a spirit (of the new rule), I agree that you must protect the citizen, you must defend and give authority, the offender who comes out to kill a willingness and therefore there is a danger to society", formerly Kirchner's official started.

"Within the law, everything out of the law, I do not agree with Carrio, I agree with my principles and knowledge, I do not know the Those here are how many were there killing or sending the order to & # 39; burning down crime. I had to do it many times and I had never had any problems. Because I always worked correctly and the guilty was killed and the victim was saved, "said Berni.

After reviewing his strong actions, Berni criticized the Bullrich protocol again. "This will not happen to solve. It would be good to talk about background issues and not to smoke bombs. It is an article that is evaluated by contemporary elements. What is not a concept, like offensive offenders, is already provided in law. There is nothing new"Berni closed.

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