Sergio Ermotti out of control


Sergio Ermotti collects 14 million. Over the years, since he became head of UBS, there are over 90 million people. At the same time, its UBS is losing more and more value: in the stock exchange, in business, in court.

This means Ermotti is becoming a footballer
the country's most important bank, 10 years ago from the 8 million
The Swiss people were saved from sinking. Ermotti rich,
Poor Switzerland.

To what extent was the Tennis Champion represented yesterday. At a big business conference, Mr Ermotti announced the first difficult quarter and wrapped up a $ 300 million safety kit.

Both types of information are relevant for the livestock market. Instead of communicating this to every partner in the market before the trade started, Ermotti will talk about an event level.

The 300 million contribution contributes to the ongoing continuity program. It is about fewer jobs, which stressed the UBS chief.

Meanwhile, there are more and more people aged 50 years old working in Switzerland on UBS. Otherwise the bonus is reduced at the bottom and in the middle of the food chain.

Started up to the year, so I'm just battering a few hundred million savings from my conference, Ermotti said yesterday at the Morgan Stanley Conference. In the event, I decorate my continued profit with specific market stock market debts – which I have traditionally set apart.

Who is worried? This is the country's principal banker.

The behavior accords with the highest leadership positions. There is an army that is located here, without force – to put it to good.

Ermotti Emergency: Where is it imposing, where is it lighting? (IP)

Ulrich Körner has been managing asset management for 5 years. Rather than the one promised, only about half. Always escaping from customers. And what does seeds make? He shouts about him.

Martin Blessing will lead a private outside US banking. A blessing is good, but not a private banker; Therefore, he needs external help. He managed his old Commerzbank manger to the middle of the storm. She may be placed with Deutsche Bank.

Sabine Keller-Busse has over 20,000 UBS keepers needing to store every day. Keller Buses was like McKinsey's grain, then a small number at the CS. And UBS, too, she didn't break any big strings.

Axel Lehmann manages UBS Switzerland, the central bank business. Lehmann is an insurance company, has been with Zurich for a long time. He has not yet felt the new wind on the UBS household market so far – that is what Topshot took on the personal building market.

One name has escaped. Andrea Orcel made a profit with a warrant on the UBS investment bank to last fall. Now UBS is affecting the commercial business.

Then Jürg Zeltner, a controversial man who had been raised a year ago. But under Zeltner, UBS's private private bank system was still working. Now it is haunted by internal energy challenges due to intangible union within the US and peace.

Chief Executive Ermotti is responsible for the poor pity. Stock alone is the price of books. It's a catastrophe.

By taking away Ermotti to bring in a new one UBS will produce and support the Swiss bank well, with a plan of how UBS can make good money and attractive jobs. T the world's prolific industry.

But that doesn't happen. The board of directors and his president Axel Weber keep the rod for Ermotti.

The host who presented the Orcel was capable and controversial but knew out of the bank, instead of the rallies Blessings, Körners, Keller-Busses and Lehmann, which cannot be dangerous to him: he's defended from the UBS directors. The sleep – and money inside.

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