Sergio Ramos dopadh Football lets: everything you need to know about; this case


Sergio Ramos became a major new dispute. This Friday, News, the port that shows the biggest sport scandals, says that the Real Madrid defender failed to comply with the UEFA anti-doping rules. And not once, only twice. Here, everything you need to know.


Saturday 3 June 2017. Real Madrid has won a 4-1 at Juventus and put on their second League of Champions. Sergio Ramos can not be marked by the team: he was elected to take control of drugs. He will stay two hours. A club doctor will be with him and her; marks the report.

The next day, Sunday 4 June 2017, according to Football Leaks, the results of the laboratory reaches in the Seibersdorf in Austria. It is 100 million of its heritage and the code is 3324822 at the sample.

More than a month later, on Sunday, July 5, 2017, the labor leader reported to UEFA, showing that the remains of dexamethasone, which was banned by a world-wide drug group , to find.

On Tuesday, July 7, 2017, UEFA tells Sergio Ramos that he has truly confirmed and sought an explanation.

After three days, Friday, July 10, 2017, The The Real Madrid defender responds with a doctor's explanation. club. "I hope this will clarify everything", the text that is </ i>; in line with the answer, as football is released. After the introduction of the medical report, UEFA is sending a & # 39; case is closed.

What's in dexamethasone?

Corticoid is usually used in diseases such as leamatoid arthritis or to control some of the effects after chemotherapy. It is also used after surgeries. According to the definition of the University of München, "they are used to stop blasting processes." Increase coordination and & # 39; he can create euphoria.

Is it forbidden?

And when, when it was taken with conferences, in mind or in mind. If it's inside, no. However, in the last case, you must tell yourself before the drug test.

How was it put in place?

With antracticular. The doctor's doctor argued that he had two fractures on his knee and shoulder. There would be no problem, if there was a pre-statement. It was not done.


Sunday, April 15, 2018 Real Madrid Against Malaga, and again, Sergio Ramos will be elected to take control of drugs. The problem, in this case, has been warned and, despite this, he has shown. Ojo, that is banned by law against Spanish drugs, just like going to the service.

By the end of September, the anti-drug group sent a letter to & # 39; show that they had 10 days to apply. The defense and Madrid decided not to answer the questions of the network of European Research Workers. According to Football Leaks, left their company. case there "because he did not see any reason to decide that there was an action that is doing anti-drugs."

Was it the weakness that it appeared?

Zigor Moltavo, Head of Sports Control Center, AEPSAD, Head of Performance Control Unit spoke to Mark about the case and said "it is not the lake, but the evidence that needs to be viewed and can not be allowed to the torch, the protection in that way will be simple. "

To take care: the director of the WADA (anti-drug organization in the world) confirmed that Sergio Ramos's anti-drug control is unlawful.

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