Series C | Pro Piacenza will lose 20-0 and a & # 39; Italy's professional football immersion in shame!


On Sunday, 17 February will go into Italian football history. Cuneo defeated Pro Piacenza with a 20-0 at least on the 27th of Group A Group A. The biggest hitting in the history of professional football in Italy from Brescia-Ancona ( 12-0), Series B) of the season between 1950-1951. It is a difficult situation aimed at the Italian media: "Pràire disgrace", "Grotesque" (Gazzetta dello Sport), "Joke Pro Piacenza" (Corriere dello Sport), "Nàire football "(Tuttosport).

The ideas of Italian football managers are going to the same side. "It's a harassment to sport and its basic principles. Our duty is to preserve the passion and passion of our competitions and find healthy investors. What we & # 39; see this Sunday as the last round of this type », said Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation in La Gazzetta dello Sport. And that is Pro Piacenza's route continues to be a very disastrous season. With good financial problems, the small team played only 19 games in the 27 days and there are 8 points of penalty. He had won another lost game in Serie C.

There were only seven players at the beginning of their game, the body was tied together!

Acknowledging that absenteeism would be means a prize farewellThere were seven pieces at the beginning of the crash. Six players who are 18 years old and that they were not even members of youth teams; club, which was released several weeks ago. Give that you need to go with the Picciarelli physi (age 39) which is consistent as a key protection and that it would have to leave the grass after an hour after the cramps. Another player, who left the papers and the home permit, was able to replace it in the second half after giving the documents. Captain Cirigliano, 19, was part of the game record as a coach …

It's a dangerous endeavor, as Gazzetta did not accept this game. Fabiano Santacroce, captain of Cuneo and who was passing through Pharma and Naples, was far from being able to do so. smile after this historic success. «13-0 in the first half against a team who is in the first half. Play with six 17 year-old players and key defender. Without words … I do not feel embarrassing but for those who have been able »He said at the end of his game. Piacenza Pro can not get back from this sad evening, which should be engraved in memory of Italy's football …

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