Serious anger causes Meni to shout in Senegal


Serious anger causes Meni to shout in Senegal

Sadio Mani, a fight against Liverpool and Senegalese Getty
Serious anger causes Meni to shout in Senegal

November 18

The Senegalese midwife player, Sadio Mani, who was the only one for the Afghan Cup Cup in 2019 in Cameroon,

After the referee at the end of the game, between the Guinea Christian and Senegal teams, Sadio Mani went tightly into his face; Tears when he moved to his face with a continuous glaze, but he did not stop, but stopped and put his shirt on his face and leaned on his face; crying. Put his companions into his mind to put his mind in order.

Liverpool fans were damaged by Senegalese Sadio Mani football player who thought the victim was involved in abuse in the African Cup Cup, which led them to attack Seine team coach so he can play for the Reds. The next continental championship in Cameroon.

But the big wonder was; behind Sadio Mani who cried to & # 39; The people of Senegal shouted and besieged all over the country; game. It came to an end when the gold medalist declined against Christian Guinea.

Senegal sent a qualification for the 2019 Afro-African African Cup final in Cameroon, with 13 points, 13 points, and one shot against Madagascar, who also had a certification for a 10-minute mainland competition.

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