Serious damage will be in Switzerland


Heavy rain grew in Switzerland on Sunday. The storm caused severe damage in several areas. In air traffic it came to an adverse effect.

In the Swiss mountains there were gale loops on Sundays. (Image: Nathalie Taiana / NZZ)

In the Swiss mountains there were gale loops on Sundays. (Image: Nathalie Taiana / NZZ)

(SDA / AP) / gam.

Sturmtief "Uwe" has made a complaint to Switzerland on a stormy Sunday. A cold face has brought strong winds and behind a cooling evening. On the tops of the tops in the west measured a measure of more than 130km / h. It was particularly damaged in St. Gallen's St. Andrews.

The Vaud La Dôle conference was 133km per kilometer (km / h) and the Chasseral Jaffa meeting at 137 km / h, as meteorologist said on request from the Keystone-SDA newsgroup. In the western areas, the eyes were strong in many places between 70 and 90 km / h. The opposition against a transit over Switzerland during the evening and cooling is important. The storm is stormy, as the meteorologist said.

Air traffic in Zurich and Basel was damaged

The squalls caused a break on Sunday afternoon at Zurich Airport. As a speaker for its airports named after request from this newspaper, The plane can start because of the strong winds between 17: 14-17: 23. The accidents have also been affected. Three planes needed to start early in the evening. Although two of them got ashore in Zurich, the pilot of the third Stuttgart plane, as the spokesman said. Generally, due to the wind on Sunday afternoons at Zurich Airport, however, "small expectations are mid-sized to expectations", followed by an airport worker.

In addition, the Basel-Mulhouse "Uwe" EuroAirport disturbed air traffic. Their eyes up to 122 km / evening, the airport said in the evening. Ten people needed to enter Frankfurt, Lyon, Baden-Baden, Zurich, Stuttgart, Milan and Friedrichshafen. It was stopped 14 hours to come or to; fly on air. Three machines have been able to have land at EuroAirport after they have started. A further plane was withdrawn after being removed, and one plane was taken to another airport after two installments.

There were no reports about injury early in the evening. The cantonal police in Bern gave a description of 25 reports too early in the afternoon, a spokeswoman responded to an application with Keystone-SDA. Most came from Berneray Bernese and from Oberland. In Jura, the winds also put on rail traffic.

Montlingen in St Gallen's speech was struggling

Glunpflich was an A6 event at Heimberg near Thun in the Bernese Oberland. He fell down on the road and fled on a car. No one was injured, the police said.

In canton St. Gallen, the forces had to stop him over 20 hours – especially in Glen Rhine, there was a strong wind, as the cantonal police said. In Montlingen it was destroyed about 20 houses as well as a number of garden sheds and cars. At least two houses are now in use. The amount of damage can only be seen in the light of the day, the police will write. On the A13 at Sennwald two cars went into a tree that was located on the road. In a variety of communities between Gossau and Mels blocking barriers or traffic signs were overwhelmed. Branan had to clear off roads.

In Basel-Stadt, the winds kept the fire department in their hills. The police reported about twelve campaigns for demolished trees, melting branches and fallen roofed slabs. According to the Twitter message from the Basle-town Justice and Security Department, it was influenced by its & # 39; whole language.

In the canton of Solothurn, the storm gave a big influence on the black-haired country, such as the local police recital. At 17 clocks there were 30 messages on fallen trees and site obstacles and peaks whipped by roofs.

Too Windy: Feldberg's Snowboard Race suspended on Sunday

Stormy winds also caused a problem in Germany: the races that were recorded for Sunday at the Snowboard World Cup on Feldberg were recorded in the & # 39; Blackwood. This was named by the Snowboard Germany group. On a video he was seeing so violently & # 39; The chairs were on a building that believed in the church; wind. At its first appearance of the mixed races, the German snowboard cross was for two teams.

Heat Springy

Before the storm it was like spring spring: weather forecast Weather Meteo News for Basel Binningen in Canton Baselland and Altenrhein (SG) temperatures of more than 15 degrees. In the Basel area, the southwest wind set up the fishing, in St. Gallen's Rhine and in the Alpine straths, the Föhn.

13.9 degrees were measured in Glarus, 13.2 degrees in Aigle in canton Vaud and 13.0 degrees in Eag. In Aarau, the thermometer rises to 12 degrees.

People who suffer suffering pollen can be empowered by their own weapons: Because & The temperature is relatively scarce, the hazelbanks started to grow this weekend. Under the influence of the sun and the 10-degree bottlenecks, the hazel will winter closing, as the Swiss architecture center "oh!" Friday. The male flowers – the kittens called – open and drop their pollen in the air. The flowering season begins later this year in 2018. Back in January, high proportions of pollen were recorded.

In Ticino, on the other hand, the season has begun a long time ago: to the south of the Alps, hazelnut nuts have been growing since the beginning of January. That's about ten days earlier than usual.

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